Wrapping Paper Design. The Packaged.

If you’re anything like me, then the joy of gift giving is only made complete when the outer package is just as, if not more impressive than what’s inside.  Wrapping Paper Design has come leaps and bounds over the past few years and the creative options are endless.

It’s all about the look and feel – attention to detail is key. Adding your own unique embellishments enhances the overall appearance inspiring your own creative touch.

Establish a theme. Whether you’re going for one big gift, or a range of smaller ones compiled together, make sure you know the look and feel you want to achieve before you begin. Pick a base element and work around that – perhaps a sheet of gift wrap spotted in Rifle Paper Co., or maybe some twine or gift tags recently purchased on Etsy. Building upon these core elements will ensure the theme is consistent throughout, giving your gift that extra bit of ‘wow’.

We love Kikki-k’s range of gift-wrap ideas. Their quirky paper comes in a range of colours and patterns, ideal for any occasion. Double sided 115gsm paper stock allows you to mix and match and creatively assemble any suite of gifts into a perfect package. Their papers are always part of a greater suite so finding the best additions to compliment are only steps away.

Always be willing to take that extra step. The small details are what creates that something special. Maybe its hand painted gift wrap, an illustrated gift tag, or a unique piece of twine to tie it all together. Putting in the extra effort always pays off in the end, making the gift personal and unique.

Egg Press in Portland, Oregon produces some beautifully patterned gift wrap. Bright colours, hand illustrated shapes and quirky imagery make the Egg Press range unique. This has a child-like, playful quality, rich in colour, with the letterpressed nature of the gift tags providing a textured finish.

And finally, enjoy the process. It’s a bit like cooking. Cooking with love tastes good. Crafting with love can only be great.