Workshop – Unleash Your Awesome.

Sometimes creativity needs a little coaxing. A little jolt to remove the layers we call our comfort zone. But is it really that comfortable to begin with? As humans, are we satisfied living within the boundaries of untapped, undiscovered potential? Can curiosity and possibility override the fear of busting out something unique?

I am of the belief that everyone has an inner realm of creativity. It may not be the artistic kind but its there within us. It could be characterised by ones’ level of inventiveness, a way of thinking, communicating or exploring – but we all have that magical “it”.

The only difference between us, some people feel better equipped to embrace and channel this inner creativity, they know how and what to do with it.

The good crew over at Work-shop are creatively stimulating the people of Sydney daily. Their unique, urban space in Redfern is a hub for all things quirky, cool and creative. Workshop has developed their own brand of lifestyle education, a series of engaging short courses and skill workshops that are open to all. Whether its creative life skills, physical skills or just down right awesome skills, they have it mastered.

Work-shop partner with an impressive line-up of experts & local artisans who educate and mentor willing participants. From stencil art, ukelele lessons and cocktail mixology through to unicycling, public speaking, winter knitting & terrarium building.

The Creative Co. recently spent an afternoon with legendary artist & all-round rad human Sid Tapia. It was a seriously cool experience getting all bad-ass with a posse of spray cans, learning the intricacies of street art technique, style and form. Highly recommended; the perfect blend of creativity, laughs and learning with a true master of the craft.

Our Work-shop journey continued with cocktail mixology by the gents at Trolley’d. A smooth first class ride through the sweet & sour; the shaken and stirred. The lads hunt & gather, forage & preserve their unique flavours and ingredients, which makes for an unbeatable collection of crafted cocktails. We smoked a little Tequila, rocked out to some Zeppelin and called it one hell of a great afternoon session.

Work-shop gets you on the path of creative self expression, even if for just a couple of hours. Mindful stimulation brings contentment, and we could all do with more of that in our lives. So my advice, get yourself out there, find your “it”, that thing that makes you feel creatively awesome. The Work-shop crew will certainly help you out.