Packaging Design. Drink Up.

As humans, we naturally develop perceptions about each and every product we see. We create assumptions on face value, without really knowing or having experienced what is actually inside.

Packaging design plays a major role in communicating choice & setting those great expectations. It’s often peoples first interaction with a brand, they get a feel for the ‘look’ and ‘style’ from the outer layers, the ‘shop-front’ of a products’ packaging.

Whether it’s graphical treatment, colour, style, texture or shape that entices you, the way the product looks & appeals to your senses will most likely sway you in one direction or another. Perfect packages require skilful design planning and execution – its an art form that requires technical smarts and an obsession with ‘getting it just right’.

Here are few of our faves from the drinks category – yes we love a good bevvie at The Co!

Hollydene  is a well-known and respected boutique winery, situated in the Upper Hunter Valley. Given its rich history in the region, The Creative Co. drew inspiration from the estate’s natural properties, creating a brand story that translates across the product packaging.

Hand-drawn images & typography cohesively represent the history behind the brands location – its rustic origins of family heritage, tradition and authenticity. Lashings of inked black paired with warm cream tones gives the packaging a premium artisan look on shelf. It’s classic & timeless yet memorable.

The limited edition packaging design for the handcrafted English cider, Left Field Cider Co. was designed by ‘AKA’ studio in Canada. The team created a label that’s adaptable to the new variants of cider they produce seasonally.

The finished product feels handcrafted & original – like your very own customised brew. By using an uncoated off-white card with black type and touches of gold foil, the label has a premium feel. It screams ‘authentically cool cider’.

Prodjuice is a cold pressed juice product designed by Folk Army studio in Sydney. The concept behind the design is layering. Layering is the natural process that takes place in pure juices as the sediment settles.

The design execution of the label is transparently minimal, allowing the product to be the hero. Glass bottles are used for their recyclable quality – good for the environment and also a healthier alternative. The packaging finish is clean, simple and fresh. It’s all about the raw goodness inside.

When you are next perusing for products, take note of the design craft, appreciate the process & the final execution. Judge that book by its cover (just this once)!


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