Spotlight on Chuck Close. MCA Sydney.

Looking for a dose of creative inspiration?

The Museum of Contemporary Art located in The Rocks in Sydney, is always worth checking out. A hub for creativity, innovation and a good portion of quirkiness, the MCA hosts talented artists and designers near and far.

An upcoming exhibition to look out for is Chuck Close ‘Prints, processes and collaboration’. Kickstarting on 20th November 2014, the exhibition is said to host the largest collection of Close’s artworks ever presented in the southern hemisphere. It will display his varied processes with printmaking and will give a unique insight into his practice and ability as an artist.

Chuck Close is a visual artist from Washington USA, widely known for his large-scale realistic portraits of people, he is one of the most collected artists of America. His practice extends beyond painting to encompass printmaking, photography and most recently, tapestries based on Polaroids.

Paralysis struck Close in the late 80’s and forced him to paint with a brush strapped to his arm. The result was obviously a lot less precise, but enabled Close to adopt a more abstract approach. His works are still just as captivating as before, if not, more impressive considering he can produce such masterpieces with his condition.

It was an exhibition by Jackson Pollock that inspired Close to become an artist himself. You never know, perhaps this exhibition is all the motivation you need to inspire your inner creativity.

With showcased exhibitions occurring every couple of months, as well as the much loved MCA collection series, walking tours, learning events, talks, performances and workshops, the MCA is constantly buzzing with something to do and see.

Tickets on sale now through the MCA website: