Food Truck Phenomena.

Vivid childhood memories; hot summer days spent trailing the scent of diesel fumes, canvassing the street for that magical melody of Greensleeves (on repeat). The trademarks of our local hero, Mr Whippy. Oh how times have changed.

The humble Food Truck is no longer a banged up beast of chipped paint and gaffa-taped menu’s; but rather, a seriously cool dining experience leading the way throughout the streets of Sydney. Enter the Food Truck Phenomena.

Servicing the coolest of community events, markets and festivals, established food truckers sell their top quality cuisine to the masses. And we can’t get enough of it.

An innovative, fresh, sustainable menu selection is the order of the day, along with a creatively branded chassis that entices hungry passers by to stop, indulge & stay a while.

The creative folk over at EAT ART TRUCK have nailed the experience with their ridiculously good, progressive street food and mobile urban-art gallery. Artists are invited to paint during live events across a side panel canvas of the truck, monthly installations are then auctioned off for charity. Good food, good art and goodwill all rolled into one experience.

Food Trucks United is a dedicated community of gourmet food providers who travel and support the outdoor pop-up event scene.  The likes of The Nighthawk Diner (an original airstream caravan), Tsuru, The Veggie Patch & Street Sliders are all part of this all important trucker brotherhood.

The staple outdoor food-fest in Sydney is held the first Friday of every month in Belmore Park, next to Central Station. A cultural mix of sub-street performers, local artists, live music and the all important pop up bar make this event a must do experience of sight, sound and taste in Sydney, and its free.

My guess is that the Food Truck phenomena isn’t going anywhere, and why should it? People are embracing the flexibility of creative eating, the unique & dynamic cuisine, all bundled into a social setting that makes you feel a part of something a little bit hip.

Keep on motoring, Food Truckers.


Images sourced  Sydney Food Trucks