Coffee by Design.

Like most other Sydney folk in the creative realm, we here at The Co. can’t function without our daily cup of aromatic goodness. Well to be real, it’s more than us Sydney-siders and more than just creative’s that crave the hit – coffee is part of our world, our culture, our everyday.

The humble coffee bean has the power to get ordinary humans arranged in single file eager for their daily fix. Coffee creators and makers know just how to entice and inspire. Giving the simple cup of coffee a reason to be glorified and desired.  But how?

In its Castlereagh St urban space, Pablo and Rusty’s has got it mastered. From the exposed brickwork finishes and rich timber paneling down to the modern industrial touches, Pablo’s creates an environment fit for indulging in a well made flat white and a good chat. The brand identity is striking yet grounded, it has a real sense of warmth about it and translates effortlessly across their many retail touch points. And it’s always about the coffee.

Native Roasters of NYC is another coffee identity that works. The brand story is unique; it’s about small batch hand roasted beans, a process done on-premise in downtown Queens. Designed by Naomi Ross & Daniel Renda, the pair looked to create a modern logotype with a clean finish while still maintaining that classic New York City grit. The packaging design captures the brands “native” foundations, so much texture and rawness – it screams handcrafted.

There is no denying we all have our favourite coffee origins, grinds and styles, coffee is engrained in our culture. But from a design perspective its about capturing the experience, appealing to the five senses and holistically getting that perfect blend of product superiority & brand story. Not an easy task, but one that builds a lot of brand love when it works.

So whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just an occasional indulger – soak it all up and take pleasure in the experience.


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Pablo and Rusty’s